7 Best Cleaning Company WordPress Themes 2019

If you need to create a website to promote your cleaning business and its services, this collection of the best cleaning company WordPress themes will help you get started right away.

With one-click importer tools that will quickly transfer the pre-built cleaning company website demos into your WordPress dashboard, these themes aim to remove all the stress of launching your own professional services website.

Not only do these themes make it easy to get started, but they also offer lots of customization options and settings to ensure you’re able to get your website looking exactly how you want. Some of the themes also include drag-and-drop page builder tools to give you even more creative freedom over the appearance of your website. If the ability to accept bookings online and take on new clients from your website is important to you then look for one of the themes in this collection that includes that feature.

With an impressive selection of designs, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your website in this collection of professional cleaning company themes.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services is a WordPress cleaning company theme with full RTL text and multilingual content support.

Thanks to the RTL text support of this theme, if you need to create a website to promote your cleaning services in a right-to-left language then Cleaning Services could be a good choice. Furthermore, as this theme has been built to work with the best multilingual plugins for WordPress, if you want to publish your content in more than one language, the Cleaning Services theme supports that too making it ideal for targeting multiple demographics in your area.

When it comes to the design of this theme, there might only be one website demo in the Cleaning Services package but it certainly has the right appearance and layout to help you attract more clients. For example, the large full-width slider is ideal for displaying your most important information above the fold on the homepage of your site. Scrolling down the default homepage layout reveals the animated cleaning-related icons that can be used to highlight your main services. Another section on the homepage gives you an opportunity to describe your process for taking a booking, connecting with a client, and managing the job online. If a visitor isn’t quite sure if they need a cleaner or not, this aspect of your website is sure to convince them and answer any of their questions.

Other essential features like a client testimonial publishing tool, a mobile-friendly design, and a full set of customization options are on hand to ensure your website not only looks the part but has all the essential features of a modern business site. The one-click demo content importer tool also helps speed up your ability to get started and get closer to launching your new site.

With a stylish design and some niche text publishing features, Cleaning Services could be just the theme you’re looking for.

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Make Clean

Make Clean is a purpose-built cleaning company WordPress theme that can help you launch a professional website for your business.

Whatever type of cleaning services you’re offering, the Make Clean theme makes it easy to promote your business online. The pre-built website demo can be imported into your WordPress site in just a few clicks. After that, you can start replacing the demo text and images with your own content. As the default homepage layout is focused on turning more of your visitors into clients and customers of your cleaning company, Make Clean is sure to help you grow your business.

On the Make Clean homepage layout, you’ll find a full-width slider that’s ideal for sharing photos and key information about your business. You can also use the services carousel to display the different packages you offer your customers, along with a quick contact form that makes it very straightforward for your visitors to get in touch and inquire about your services.

Other sections on the default homepage layout that you have the option of using include the staff profiles slider, the client testimonials area, and the section that can be used to display the key statistics from your business such as how many clients you’ve worked with, how long you’ve been operating for, and whatever other information you’d like to share. However, as well as the main default homepage, Make Clean also includes another homepage layout for you to work with, not to mention the library of inner page templates this theme features. Thanks to this, Make Clean is one of the best cleaning company WordPress themes for those who are looking for a full set of templates for their new website.

As Make Clean includes a drag-and-drop page builder, this theme is also great for creating custom cleaning company websites with WordPress.

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We Clean

We Clean is a WordPress theme for promoting service-based businesses including cleaning companies.

Although anyone creating plumbing or maintenance service business websites could make good use of this theme, We Clean works best for building cleaning company sites. In fact, as the main website demo is aimed specifically at cleaning companies, you could lay the foundation for your new website in a matter of minutes once you’ve chosen this theme. Simply upload the theme files, import the demo content, and then start adding your own text, images, and videos to the site.

However, as the We Clean theme includes an additional homepage layout, you do get two designs to choose from for the front-page of your site. As both designs work equally well for creating cleaning company websites, checking out all of the We Clean demo content is recommended. If you do so, you’ll see that We Clean includes a packed library of templates and pre-built content for all the pages your cleaning company website is likely to need. With designs for the about, services, contact, and FAQ pages, you can quickly add this important content to your site with the We Clean theme.

When it comes to setting up your website and ensuring it matches your branding, the We Clean theme simplifies the process of changing the colors and other visual properties of your website. Thanks to the 5 color skins and 20 color schemes, you can change the appearance of your cleaning company site at the touch of a button. You’ll also have six header layouts to choose from if you choose this theme as well as two main width settings for your entire site.

With lots of sales related features, We Clean is sure to help you generate more leads from your website.

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Etalon is a multi-purpose WordPress theme for creating professional services websites, including cleaning company sites.

Among the many demos in the Etalon WordPress theme package is a purpose-built cleaning company design that’s ideal for promoting your cleaning services online. Featuring a large full-width slider as a key element of the cleaning company website homepage design, you’ll easily be able to catch the attention of your visitors as soon as they arrive at your site.

Further down the default homepage layout, there’s a tabbed area for displaying your services, an extendable FAQ section for answering those commonly asked questions, and a call-to-action widget with a button that lets your visitors get in contact. Other templates cover the essential pages your site will need, such as the contact, about, and services pages. You can also easily add a blog to your website thanks to the full set of post templates and layouts.

As this theme has been built for a range of different types of websites, you’ll have access to a large selection of useful features to help you create an effective cleaning company website with WordPress. Some of the ways Etalon can give your website an edge over the completion include the online scheduling tool that allows your visitors to make an appointment request through your site, a widget for displaying your contact details and hours of business, a pricing table tool for outlining your cleaning packages, and a testimonials carousel for sharing feedback from happy clients. You could even choose one of the other Etalon service website demos and then customize it for your project if you feel that's a better option for your site.

Etalon has a long list of features to help you create the type of website your cleaning company requires.

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CarpetServ has a modern and functional design to simplify the process of launching a cleaning company website.

The two main homepage designs of CarpetServ are both focused solely on creating cleaning company websites with WordPress. Although they can be used to promote any type of cleaning services, if your business has a focus on carpets, this could be the perfect option for your website.  As the demo content includes lots of carpet-related and cleaning images, you can have your new website up and running in on time at all. Simply replace the placeholder text with your own words and you should be ready to go.

However, if you want to take a more hands-on approach to creating your website, the inclusion of the WPBakery Page Builder plugin – previously known as Visual Composer – makes it easy to customize almost every aspect of CarpetServ, all through an intuitive drag-and-drop content editor interface. There are plenty of other customization options too, making CarpetServ one of the best cleaning company WordPress themes for creating unique and bespoke websites in this industry.

Another powerful tool in the CarpetServ theme package is the premium Slider Revolution plugin. Thanks to this extra feature, you can quickly edit the pre-built slideshows used in the CarpetServ demo or create your own unique sliders from scratch. There’s also great support for the MailChimp email marketing service, giving you all the tools needed to start an email newsletter so that you can keep in touch with your visitors and clients.

CarpetServ is an impressive theme for creating professional looking WordPress cleaning company websites.

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CleanMate is a flexible WordPress theme for service providers, including those running cleaning companies.

If you want your website to be an effective tool for growing your business, the design of the CleanMate theme and its demo site is more than up to the task. Designed for service providers of all types, including solo workers and those working with multiple employees, the CleanMate theme can be easily adjusted to match your requirements.

Not only do the two CleanMate website demos have neutral designs that make them ideal for a range of niches and services, they can also both be heavily customized if necessary. The theme control panel lets you configure your site at the touch of a button, giving you the option of controlling the menu and header layouts, as well as the site width, to name just a few of the settings. You can also use the popular WPBakery Page Builder plugin to edit any of the pre-built content layouts and designs as well as create your own custom pages from scratch. With over 65 modules to make use of, WPBakery Page Builder can add almost any type of element to your site in just a few clicks. Slider Revolution is included too, covering all of your slideshow needs.

Another useful feature of the CleanMate theme is the optional service calculator. By adding this interactive tool to your website, your visitors can use the sliders and drop-down menus to get an idea of how much your services might cost them. They can then submit their details via the online form, ensuring you have all the information you need to provide them with an accurate quote for the type of service they are looking for.

With a responsive layout, CleanMate is another professional cleaning company theme that should be on your shortlist.

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SmartClean aims to provide you with everything needed to build your own cleaning company website with WordPress.

Designed for use on laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, if you choose this theme, everybody will be able to access your website and decide whether they want to hire your services. As well as the mobile-friendly contact form and call now buttons, SmartClean also gives you the option of adding an online appointment scheduling feature to your website. If you want to let your potential new clients book your services online while you’re away from your computer, SmartClean certainly makes that possible.

When it comes to describing and promoting your services, the SmartClean theme has a good selection of pre-built layouts for the pages your site is likely to need. You can also use the pop-up video player to add short clips where you can describe your services and welcome new visitors to your site. Creating cleaning package comparison tables is straightforward too with this theme, giving you another way to present your services to your visitors. Furthermore, if you’re using a mobile app to manage your services and appointments, the SmartClean theme has a template for publishing screenshots of your app and links to where your clients can download it from. Customizing your website is easy as well, thanks to the inclusion of the WPBakery Page Builder tool that comes as part of the SmartClean theme package.

SmartClean is a highly flexible cleaning company WordPress theme that is well supported by its creators.

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