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13 Best Community WordPress Themes 2021

If you want to create a community website, these WordPress themes will provide you with a stylish design for your site as well as lots of useful features.

In this collection of the best community WordPress themes, you’ll find lots of different options for your website. As all of these themes feature at least one pre-built community website demo, you’re sure to find a suitable design for your project. All of the demos in these theme packages include a stylish homepage layout as well as templates for all the other internal pages your online community is likely to need. This pre-built content covers the member profile pages, the user activity sections, the discussion and messaging areas, and much more.

Many of these WordPress community themes are highly customizable, making it easy to adjust the appearance of your website. Depending on which of these themes you choose, you might also get access to a premium drag-and-drop page builder plugin for customizing your website further. However, even if your chosen theme doesn’t include a page builder tool, you can easily add one to your site by installing a free plugin like Elementor.

To provide the community features your website will need, these themes all fully support the BuddyPress plugin. Thanks to this, you can enable lots of extra functionality to ensure your community site is a success. Some of these themes also have good support for the leading membership and eLearning plugins, giving you even more options for the type of website you can create.

If you’re looking for a WordPress community theme, you’re sure to find the right one for your project in this collection.

1. Kleo

Kleo has everything needed to create a professional community or social networking website with WordPress.

Packed with high-quality pre-built website demos, Kleo gives you lots of options for your online community. Among the demos are designs for creating communities that are focused on delivering educational, corporate, entertainment, and eLearning content. Kleo has been built around the powerful BuddyPress plugin which turns WordPress into a social networking platform.

Although Kleo comes with lots of stylish templates and layouts for your community website, you aren’t limited to using these designs. Kleo makes it very easy to personalize your online community hub, thanks mainly to great support for the WordPress Customizer interface that gives you full control over the appearance of your site. Furthermore, the Kleo package includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder tool that allows you to edit the demos through an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface.

With so much to offer, it’s easy to see why Kleo is a top best-selling BuddyPress theme.

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2. BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss integrates with the best WordPress plugins to help you launch your community website. Thanks to the professional look of BuddyBoss, you shouldn’t have any trouble convincing your target audience that your website is a reputable and trustworthy resource.

The templates in the BuddyBoss package cover all the areas your community website should need. This not only includes the homepage but also all of the other pages your site might require, such as the user profiles, groups, discussion areas, and more. The customization tools and settings make it easy to personalize the pre-built content of BuddyBoss and give your community a unique look.

This theme is also packed with lots of community features such as support for member connections, private messaging, and activity feeds. You can also give your users the ability to upload media files and create their own image galleries. Gamifying your online community is another option too, thanks to the features that let you award users with points and badges based on their engagement with your website.

When it comes to monetization options, BuddyBoss isn’t lacking in this area either. Depending on your preferences, you can charge your users a one-time fee to sign up and join your community or you can instead opt for charging recurring subscription fees. The eCommerce functionality of BuddyBoss makes selling products, such as digital downloads and physical items, from your website very straightforward.

BuddyBoss is an interesting all-in-one package for launching feature-rich community websites.

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3. Vikinger

Vikinger is a BuddyPress WordPress theme for creating online community websites.

As this theme comes with a large library of well-designed templates, it should work for many different types of community sites. In the Vikinger package, you’ll find templates for the homepage, user profile, newsfeed, and group pages that you might want to include in your online community.

Vikinger has good eCommerce support, too. As well as being fully compatible with the leading WooCommerce plugin, this theme also comes with a set of templates for listing products, displaying the shopping cart, and handling the checkout experience.

Vikinger was also built to take advantage of the GamiPress plugin which you can use a range of gamification features in your online community to encourage uptake and interactions from your users. Creating quests, setting up ranks, and awarding points for various actions can help make your community a place where people like to come back to and spend time building up their profile.

If you want to make use of the latest gamification features to enhance your online community, be sure to check out Vikinger.

4. Olympus

Olympus has been created to help you build your own social networking and online community website.

With a great mix of features and pre-built content, Olympus aims to provide you with everything that’s required to launch your own busy online community hub. You also get access to the best-selling WPBakery Page Builder tool to customize the appearance of your website. Other customization work can be carried out through the easily accessible admin panel, giving you control over the colors, fonts, and layout properties of your community website.

Not only is Olympus integrated with BuddyPress, it’s also bundled with Youzer which extends the community functions on your website. The theme is also compatible with bbPress should you want to include a forum in your community.

Built around the BuddyPress plugin, Olympus is ideal for creating social networking and community sites with WordPress.

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5. Aardvark

For those planning to launch an online community, whether it’s a membership site, a social network, an eLearning platform, or some other type of project, Aardvark could be the theme for the job. It integrates seamlessly with BuddyPress and you can use any of the many add-ons available for BuddyPress to enhance the community aspects of your site.

The Aardvark theme has also been designed to work closely with the Paid Membership Pro plugin. With a tool like Paid Memberships Pro, you can create multiple membership levels, including free and paid plans, collect recurring payments, and easily control exactly which content your members get access to.

Another way that this theme can be used is to purchase the supported Sensei plugin and start adding eLearning features to your WordPress website. Thanks to this, creating courses, quizzes, and other assessments is very straightforward, giving you even more options for your community WordPress website.

The premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included with this theme, giving you the ability to edit any of the demo content to meet your needs. There are also over 200 theme options to work with, that can be accessed through the admin panel. These settings cover everything from uploading the logo image, adjusting the fonts, and configuring the header and footer areas of your site.

Aardvark is a highly flexible theme that lets you interact with your community in many different ways.

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6. Beehive

Beehive is a social network WordPress theme for creating online communities. Designed to work with BuddyPress, this plugin and the Beehive theme give you the ability to create an online platform where visitors can sign up, create profiles, and connect with other users.

Depending on how you configure the theme, the first template that your visitors will see when they arrive at your site could be the login and registration page. Once a user has logged in, they can see the newsfeed that displays the latest activity from the people they follow. They’ll also be able to edit their profile, upload content to their photo gallery, and create and join groups. Due to the way that the Beehive theme and the BuddyPress plugin work, you get complete control over how your online community works and which features are enabled or disabled.

Beehive also has features that enable you to post jobs on your site and list products for sale. If you want to create a jobs board or list vacancies on your website, you can use the recommended WP Job Manager plugin and the relevant templates that come with Beehive. Creating an online store or adding products to your community is handled in a similar way, but by installing the WooCommerce plugin instead.

Beehive is suitable for creating a wide range of online community websites with WordPress.

7. Socialize

Socialize is a multipurpose BuddyPress theme for building online communities and social networks.

If you want to create a content-focused website that has lots of social networking and community features, you can use the many templates in the Socialize package to publish your articles in the right format. You can then give your readers the ability to sign up at your site and start interacting with each other and your content. Part of this functionality includes letting your users rate your articles and discuss them, as well as upload their own content to your site.

If you’re planning to launch your own social networking and community website, then thanks to integration with the BuddyPress plugin, you can add useful features to your site including instant messaging, live chat, and groups. You can also let your users create detailed profiles and post updates to their activity feeds. As this is a very flexible theme, you get full control over how your online community or social networking site functions.

The design of your site can be just as easily customized when using the Socialize theme. The powerful theme options control panel takes care of the site-wide adjustments you want to make, while the WPBakery Page Builder is on hand to help you personalize the individual pages that make up your website. Other extras, like the sticky sidebars and multiple header layouts, give you more choice when it comes to setting up your website.

If you’re looking for a well-established community WordPress theme, Socialize is a safe choice.

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8. OneCommunity

OneCommunity is a well-established and popular community WordPress theme.

The library of templates in the OneCommunity package covers all the content you are likely to ever want to add to your online community website. This includes the login and registration pages, the user profile areas, the group pages, and the discussion forums. This theme also includes the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can easily edit this library of templates to ensure they work for your project and design your own templates from scratch.

OneCommunity also has a strong eLearning element, thanks to its integration with the LearnPress plugin. By using the features of the LearnPress plugin, along with the eLearning templates of this theme, you can easily add quizzes, lessons, and much more to your WordPress website.

Another nice feature of OneCommunity is the inclusion of the premium Slider Revolution plugin. With this tool active on your website, you’ll be able to create animated slideshows and other presentation displays in order to promote your content and connect with your audience.

If you’d like an all-in-one solution for creating a community with online courses and other educational content, check out OneCommunity.

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9. Woffice

Woffice is a theme designed for intranets and extranets that are powered by WordPress.

There are three main demos that make up the Woffice package, including one built for creating community websites with WordPress. As this is an intranet and extranet theme, your community website will have everything that’s needed regarding the login, account, and dashboard areas of your site. Woffice also has lots of templates for inside your community website, including many templates that have been designed to work with the interactive features of the bbPress and BuddyPress plugins.

Another way that you can use this theme is to create a wiki. You can also add the wiki content to your community site, helping to make it a more useful resource for your members. Other templates, including the ones that cover the calendar and directory, also help to make this a versatile community WordPress theme.

Woffice is definitely a community WordPress theme that offers good functionality.

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10. Cera

Cera is an intranet and community WordPress theme with a stylish and modern design. The design and overall visual style of this theme is sure to give your intranet or community website a professional look and a great user experience.

Cera comes with an assortment of useful and essential templates. Adding a user dashboard, member and group directories, and private forums to your community portal are all covered by the library of pre-built templates in the Cera theme package. While this theme will work with any standard WordPress plugin, it’s been created specifically to integrate deeply with a set of tools, including the BuddyPress community plugin, the LearnDash online course publishing plugin, and the Youzer user profile enhancement plugin.

While Cera works very well for private intranet sites, it’s not the only way to use this theme. As Cera has a strong focus on creating community websites, this theme is ideal for creating online dating sites, eLearning communities, discussion forums, and social networking platforms.

All of the templates of Cera can also be customized thanks to the support for the Elementor plugin.

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11. Buddy

Buddy is a social networking WordPress theme for creating interactive online communities.

As the name suggests, this theme has been built to help you take full advantage of the BuddyPress plugin for WordPress. You can use any of the many add-ons for BuddyPress, as well as the core features of the plugin to turn WordPress into your very own fully functioning social network.

The default layout of this theme has a central column for displaying the latest activity from your users, while the columns on either side include links to member profiles and recent topics. However, you do get a good amount of control over how your website will look so you’re not just limited to using Buddy in its default configuration. In fact, with unlimited sidebars, you can choose exactly what content is displayed on your website and when.

Due to the modular way this theme and its supporting plugins work, you can pick and choose which community features you want to enable on your site. Therefore, you could opt to use the groups and discussion forum features, but not the friendship request and private messaging systems.

Whatever type of online community website you want to create, Buddy should be able to help make it happen.

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12. Seeko

Seeko is a community and membership theme for publishing free and paid content with WordPress.

As this theme has a strong membership component, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to charge their users a fee for access to their website and its content. That said, you can just as easily set your website up to allow free access to your content. Thanks to the good membership plugin support, you get a lot of control over how your users can access your content and on what terms.

One of the really impressive community features of Seeko is its set of user profile templates. They are really well designed and have the ability to display a wide range of content about your users, making this theme ideal for dating sites and other types of community projects where it’s vital that your users can express themselves on their profile page.

Other useful features that can help enhance your community website include the powerful search tool that makes it easier for your users to find each other and the content they’re looking for on your site, the matching system that can help your users make connections, and the filter tools that can assist users in finding the groups they want to join.

Seeko is ready to go and should have all of the templates and features that your community project requires.

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13. Gwangi

Gwangi is a community WordPress theme with a strong focus on creating dating and matchmaking websites.

To provide the community and social networking features that your dating website will need, Gwangi uses the BuddyPress plugin for its foundation. The developers of Gwangi have modified the default BuddyPress user interface to make it even easier to use while looking arguably more attractive.

If you want to monetize your online dating website, Gwangi has full support for the leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress. With WooCommerce and its optional free and paid options, you can set up features like subscription payments that charge your users a recurring fee for access to your community website as well as the ability to charge a one-time fee to unlock certain features on your dating site, such as unlimited messaging and full profile access. You also have the option of displaying adverts on your website, thanks to the support for ad placements in the Gwangi theme design.

All of these useful features are wrapped up in a stylish design that’s sure to help your website appeal to your target audience. In fact, Gwangi has nine complete community website demos to choose from. The templates in the Gwangi demos include a member directory option, enhanced member profile pages, and lots of matchmaking and dating-related layouts for your website.

For creating modern dating and matchmaking community websites with WordPress, Gwangi is hard to beat.

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