10 Best Single Product WordPress Themes 2022

If you only have one product to promote online, then this collection of the best single product WordPress theme will help you launch a professional eCommerce store.

In the theme packages, you’ll find all the templates your one product store will need, including homepage designs, product displays, and layouts for the other pages your website is likely to need. Some single product themes in this collection include multiple pre-built store demos to choose from, so be sure to check them out to see exactly what’s on offer from each theme.

Although it’s a good idea to choose a theme with a design and style that matches your vision, many of the options here are highly customizable. Therefore, if you don’t find a theme that’s a perfect match for your project, you should find it easy to adjust the colors, fonts, and other display properties of your website with these WordPress themes. If you want full creative control over the design and appearance of your eCommerce store, look for a theme that includes a drag-and-drop page builder tool, such as WPBakery Page Builder or one of the alternative plugins. Access to a tool like this will really simplify the process of customizing the pre-built content layouts and templates that make up your theme.

It’s worth pointing out that many of these single product eCommerce themes can also be used to sell multiple products. Therefore, if your inventory expands in the future, you shouldn’t have to worry about changing themes.

1. ExProduct

ExProduct is a highly customizable single product WordPress theme that’s well suited to technology-related stores.

If you check out the ExProduct demo stores, you’ll see that there are options that have been set up for selling smartwatches and apps. Therefore, if you plan to sell this type of item from your single product store, then ExProduct could be a good choice. However, as there’s also a demo store that’s been created for selling soft toys, this is a versatile theme and checking out ExProduct is still recommended, no matter what type of goods you’ll be selling.

If you do check out the ExProduct store demos, you’ll see that the homepage layouts are packed with different sections that can help you promote your product and your business. For example, the smartwatch store demo starts with a full-width slider that does a great job of displaying photographs of your product or images associated with your brand. As the visitors scroll down the page, they can see a section that displays the key features of your product, followed by more images, complete with a color switcher for showcasing the different variations available.

The rest of the default homepage layout includes a video player, an image gallery, buy buttons and other calls to action, and a panel that contains user reviews. Other homepage sections include a contact form, a product specification area, and a panel that displays logos from stockists or other relevant parties.

However, as this is a very flexible single product WordPress theme, you can easily decide which of the available sections you want to display on your homepage or any of the other pages of your site. Other aspects of your website can be easily customized too, thanks to the inclusion of a premium page builder plugin and a detailed set of theme options.

If you’re looking for a theme with a feature-packed pre-built homepage layout, that can be easily customized, ExProduct should be of interest.

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2. Proland

Proland comes with a varied selection of templates for promoting your product.

Combining this theme with the WooCommerce plugin gives you a quick and easy way to start selling products online with WordPress. As this is a single product WordPress theme, its templates are ideal for effectively describing the benefits of your product to your audience. The homepage template has lots of sections by default, enabling you to tell the story of your product as your visitors scroll down the page.

If you want to add a blog to your single product store, Proland has the necessary templates for that. Thanks to this, you can share the latest details about your product or any other relevant information with your audience in a format that matches the design of the rest of your site.

Proland comes with a premium page builder plugin to give you control over the design of your site.

3. Quark

Quark has just one online store demo, but it’s been designed to work well for a wide range of products.

If you want to keep things simple, then choosing Quark and its one website demo will certainly save you time when it comes to deciding which demo to use. However, you’re certainly not limited in any way with this theme, thanks to its feature-rich design and functionality.

The homepage layout makes use of a full-width slider to welcome your visitors and introduce them to your product. After that, you can use the pre-built sections to display photographs of your project, add call-to-action buttons to your site, and highlight the key product features. Quark isn’t just a single-page theme though. As well as the homepage layout, there are also lots of page templates for the other content your site might need. This includes a very well-designed product tour template that you can add your text and images to in order to describe and explain your product and what it can do. There’s also a full set of blog templates that you can use to start a content marketing campaign to attract more visitors to your store, hopefully increasing sales of your product.

When it comes to customization options, Quark doesn’t disappoint. The hugely popular WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included as part of the package, giving you an easy way to edit the demo content and create your own custom templates for your single product store. Slider Revolution is included too, enabling you to edit the pre-built sliders and produce your own interactive slideshows if needed. Furthermore, side wide settings, like the color and font choices, can be personalized through the theme options control panel.

Although only having one store demo, Quark certainly won’t restrict your options.

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4. Strollik

Strollik has multiple pre-built eCommerce store demos covering a wide range of product categories.

Although the main single product store demo of this theme is focused on selling strollers, Strollik has grown far beyond just covering that type of item. Now in the Strollik store demo portfolio, you’ll find 20 different designs, covering fashion, sport, technology, and other types of products. Once you’ve made a decision on which demo to use as the foundation for your eCommerce store, you’ll be able to import the pre-built homepage layout and the other content into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks.

Regardless of which of the demos you do decide to use, you’ll be getting access to a homepage layout that includes lots of different sections to help you promote your product. With sections that include large displays for publishing product photographs and user reviews to name just a few, you can use the homepage of your website to tell the story of your brand and why your visitors should choose your product. Templates for the inner pages your store might need make it easy to add an FAQ, about, and contact pages to your website.

To help you customize your single product store, the premium Slider Revolution and WPBakery Page Builder plugins are included in the Strollik package at no extra cost. Thanks to this, you can easily add interactive presentations to your website that show off your product as well as customize the pre-built content with this drag-and-drop content editor. So if there’s anything that’s not quite right about the Strollik demos or you think they could be improved in some way, you should have no difficulty carrying out any customization work thanks to the intuitive interface of the WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your single product eCommerce store there are examples of real online shops using this theme on the Strollik website that can help.

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5. Riven

Riven can be used in a number of configurations including a single product mode and for stores selling apps and software.

The seven website demos in the Riven package work well for a range of products, however, the single eCommerce product demo will be of most interest to readers of this guide. Designed with showcasing a single product as its main focus, this Riven demo has lots of image placeholders that can be used to present your product in a range of settings. The creatively designed feature list displays should also come in handy when explaining what your product can do, why your visitors should consider it, and the reasons they should buy from you.

If you check out the Riven demos, you’ll notice that they contain templates for selling more than one product. Therefore if you think that your product line will expand in the future, Riven is more than ready to start displaying your additional items online. Another useful aspect of Riven is the photo gallery section. Thanks to this, if your product has a strong visual appeal, then you’ll have no trouble sharing photos of it in action on your website.

Each time you publish a new piece of content on your website, whether that’s an about page or product documentation, you’ll have a good selection of templates to choose from. You can also use the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin to design your own custom page templates or edit the pre-built designs in the Riven theme package. Interestingly, as this theme includes the premium One Page Navigator add-on for WPBakery Page Builder, you’ll be able to customize the single page demos and templates that are included with this theme.

In addition to the single product store demo, the app store demos are well worth checking out for anyone interested in listing just one item for sale on their website.

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6. Onzo

Onzo is described as a single product and bike shop eCommerce theme, so if that matches your business, then this could be a great option.

Onzo comes in two main variations, including one demo design that makes use of video backgrounds, and a more traditional option that uses static images to showcase your products. If you do choose the video option, you’ll be able to easily use videos as the background displays on your website. You can also use the pre-built video slideshow to give your visitors the ability to scroll through multiple videos with ease. If you do have video footage of your products being used, then Onzo is well worth considering.

As well as the homepage sliders, including both video and image slideshows, the rest of the homepage layout includes lots of useful elements that can help promote your product. With a large full-width image display area, it’s easy to upload and display a high-resolution photograph of your product. You can also use the nicely designed features panel to list the key properties of your product or the main benefits it can deliver. Like some of the other single product eCommerce themes in this guide, the default homepage layout also includes an image gallery section where you can showcase even more photographs of your product. Displaying customer reviews and testimonials is easy too, thanks to the pre-built section of the homepage. There’s also a gallery template for adding more visual content to your single product store.

Despite the wide use of large images in the default layouts of the Onzo theme, your store will look just as good when viewed on small screen devices as it does on larger displays. Thanks to the responsive design of this theme, everything scales and responds to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on to deliver a smooth user experience – something you’re sure to appreciate when trying to encourage your visitors to make a purchase from your website.

With the ability to display photos and videos in lots of different ways, Onzo is ideal for creating stores for visually appealing products.

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7. Smartic

Smartic is a single product landing page WordPress theme.

Built around the WooCommerce plugin, Smartic should have all the features and eCommerce functionality to help you launch a successful single product website with WordPress. Thanks to the stylish templates that come with Smartic, whether you want to simply promote a single product or actually sell it directly from your website, this theme works well for both types of projects.

The 14 or so well-designed homepage layouts that come with Smartic make this a theme that’s suitable for listing a wide range of product types. You can see the demos for yourself on the Smartic website, but to give you an idea of what types of stores you can quickly create with this theme, some of the demos cover gadgets, skincare, tech, and food and drink related products. The demos all have different styles and designs, making this a theme that genuinely gives you lots of options for how your single product website will look.

While the demos are all different, they do share some common characteristics. This includes full-width designs that ensure your website makes the most of the space available to it, support for different types of media, including photos, videos, and popular web design elements such as sliders, carousels, and animation effects. The homepage layouts all have plenty of elements, sections, and features to help you promote your product and connect with your audience.

Due to the flexible shopping cart system of this theme, if you do just have one variation of your product, you can add a ‘buy now’ button to your homepage and reduce the amount of time and effort it takes for your customers to make a purchase. However, if you have multiple product variations, such as different colors and sizes, you can also implement a more interactive checkout experience. It really is up to you how you configure this theme.

Smartic has some attractive landing pages that are sure to help you sell more products from your website.

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8. LiftSupply

LiftSupply comes with lots of templates and layouts to help you present your products and store in the right way.

Getting started and launching your own eCommerce store with LiftSupply couldn’t be more straightforward. Once you’ve uploaded the theme, you can quickly import the demo content, then start adding your own products to the store. You do have to choose which of the different demos to use for your shop, but once you’ve made a decision, the rest of the process should go smoothly. If you check out the homepage and store demos, you’ll see there are designs with large full-width sliders, options with countdown timers, and other interesting layout configurations to work with.

As well as the stylish design of the LiftSupply templates, there’s also plenty of opportunities for publishing the details of your products. Due to this, you can be sure that you’ll be able to provide your potential customers with all the information they’ll need to make an informed decision on whether to buy your items or not. Optional extras like the wish list feature, the product comparison tool, and the quick view mode, also help to give your store a professional look and feel.

Another useful e-commerce feature of the LiftSupply theme is the 360-degree product viewer. With this feature enabled on your store, your visitors and potential customers can use their mouse to rotate the products to get a better look at the theme. If this is a feature your competitors aren’t using, then it could increase your chances of making the sale by providing a better user experience. Displaying product reviews on your website is possible too, thanks to the built-in ecommerce functionality of the LiftSupply single product theme.

LiftSupply also has templates for multi-product stores so you’re covered if your inventory grows.

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9. MyBag

MyBag gives you two homepage designs to choose from, both focused on selling bags and accessories.

If you want to quickly launch a single product eCommerce store that sells bags or other similar items, then the aptly named MyBag is a great choice. However, as this theme can be easily customized, it shouldn’t be overlooked if your store specializes in selling other types of products. Thanks to the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, if you like the overall look and feel of MyBag, you can adjust the design and other aspects of this theme without much effort.

Although MyBag can definitely be classed as a single product WordPress theme, the package also includes templates for listing multiple products. Therefore, you won’t be limited in any way, should your business grow in the future. As well as the essential eCommerce templates, MyBag also provides you with a good selection of blog templates. Thanks to this, adding a blog to your store is very straightforward and each time you publish a new post, you’ll have multiple layouts and templates to choose from. Another nice feature of MyBag is the five different website footer layouts. These designs can be used to display your products and other types of content in this area of your site.

As MyBag includes the premium Slider Revolution, you can easily add interactive product displays to your website. This gives you a good opportunity to showcase your products in exciting ways, hopefully leading to more sales. Other useful eCommerce features include a wish list and product comparison tool that can help you deliver a more useful shopping experience for your visitors. In case you’re new to setting up eCommerce stores or building websites with WordPress, MyBag is accompanied by a library of video tutorials that walk you through all the key aspects of using this theme.

If you’re looking for a single product theme that can easily be expanded to display multiple products, check out the MyBag demos.

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10. Blue

Blue can be described as a single product landing page WordPress theme built around the WooCommerce plugin.

Thanks to the landing page style design of the pre-built Blue homepage layout, you should be able to promote your product effectively with this theme. The homepage design starts with a large space for an image and accompanying text that’s the first thing visitors to your site will see as they arrive. As they scroll down the homepage, they can then see the grid layout that displays the best features of your product, before moving onto the other sections which include a photo gallery area, testimonials and reviews from customers, and pricing information. There are other homepage sections available too, giving you the ability to build the right type of layout according to your needs and preferences.

If you want to customize the appearance of any of the pre-built sections that can be used on your homepage, the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included in the package at no extra cost. Now, with the ability to open any of the Blue theme templates in the visual editor of this plugin, you’ll have full control over how your store looks. There’s also a full panel of theme options that allow you to control the site-wide display properties of your store, such as the fonts, colors, and other layout settings.

With multiple homepage sections, header layouts, and menu options, Blue can be deployed in many different ways.

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